Cancer, Diabetes, Aids, Autism and Numerous Other Treatments Within Reach by Discovery of 24 Human DNAs

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New Discovered 24 DNA Sequences from Initial 64 DNA Is Foundation of New “Human Genetic Code Periodic Table” Which Will Make Research for Cures and Treatments of Cancer, Diabetes, AIDS, Autism… Easy According to Bob Ainuu Afamasaga


Roseville, CA, September 10, 2008 –(– “Each living organism species has their own unique set of DNA sequences or language which separates them from other living things,” said researcher, pioneer, and author Bob Ainuu Afamasaga. This notion is different than what Nobel Prize recipients James Watson, Francis Crick, and Maurice Wilkins found when they initially discovered and decoded 64 DNA Sequences. These 64 sequences are considered to be the alphabet of life or building blocks of all living organism.

Author of the soon to be release book “You Have the Power To Alter Your Gene’s Behavior To Create Your Success” claims to have discovered and isolated 24 DNA sequences that became the foundation of his “Human Genetic Code Periodic Table.” Bob state the Table is a tool which will assist the scientific community in their research for cures or treatments of any known diseases, whether psychological, physiological or emotional.

The Table presents the specific 24 DNAs, RNA Codes, basic compounds with each related 24 Blood and Body Types which will help Pharmaceutical companies design specific drugs for each DNA sequence, a move away from “one-size-fits all” approach” therapy.

Bob Ainuu Afamasaga also claims the following: It helps Nutritional companies create products specific to each of the 24 DNA sequences and their related Amino Acids, Vitamins, and Minerals. There are 24 of each. The Diet Industry will benefit as the 24 DNA Body Types are built by 3 different body cells or tissues types which when not nourished are the contributing factors to all the medical and nutritional issues people are facing. Other areas that benefit from the Table are Gene Therapy, Molecular Medicine, Mental Health Professionals, and Bioarcheology. Even Law Enforcements and Judicial Systems benefit as the way people tells the truth and untruth can be determined by their DNA or Blood Type.

“One of the most fascinating aspects of this discovery is it gave me insights in to the human mind. All women in the world think identically no matter what race, country, and nationality or where they were raised or born. The same applies to all men. They all think identically but it’s their DNA sequence along with Lifestyle, Environment and Diet that separates one person from another,” said Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.


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