The ORIENT VS WEST-The Blood Types and Personalities Debate With DNA Findings

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“China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, and sometimes the rest of Southeast Asia were all correct about the relationship between Blood Types and Personalities,” said DNA researcher Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

United States, April 06,2014/ — LONG BEACH, Calif., June 17. 2009/Free-Press-Release/ — Over 90 percent of people living in Japan and Korea know their Blood types. Employers hire their employees based on their Blood Types. People look for a mate based on their Blood Types. Just about every facet of living in these countries is impacted by people knowing their Blood Types.

For over a half century now, the Western world has labeled the Orients fascination with Blood Types and Personalities as parallel to astrology. Is it?

DNA, MIND researcher and author Bob Ainuu Afamasaga in his globally available book “Understanding Your DNA and MINID” settled the above debate once and for all with his discovery of 24 Human DNA sequence from the initial 64 Genetic Code.

“Our DNA is the MIND at the cellular level. The MIND is the DNA at the organ level. Our Blood Type is the DNA at the chemistry level. Our Personality is the MIND at the behavioral level. Therefore, Blood Types and Personalities are DNA and MIND driven, NOT astrological driven as currently thought of all these years,” said Mr. Afamasaga.

Mr. Afamasaga said missing factors from the current understanding of Blood Types and Personalities that each person has one Blood Type instead of two Blood Types. Each parent has a dominant and a recessive Blood Type. Therefore, each person has two Blood Types as they inherit one dominant from each parent. Also, each person has two personalities which are pre-determined by their DNA or two Blood Types which parallel the newly discovered 24 DNA. The exception to this is the AB Blood Type groups which have three to four personalities. The two Blood Types are simultaneously determined by a Blood Type test. One Blood Type result represents the MIND and the other the BODY.


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