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The above potential Nobel Prize candidate invention is based on discoveries at the Sub-atomic level with PHOTONS and our “Unification of Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity(summary)” and our soon to be patent “Human Genetic Periodic Table.” Click on the above image to download pdf document of proof.

Discover Who You Are… Here…7 Genetic Predispositions listed below you must know…

1. The world’s first “Do-It-Yourself” DNA Test you can do in the privacy of your home or at a Professional Office with results within minutes.
2. Result is then input into a Mobile device or computer where you receive personal data specific to your results.

Kit will be available SOOOOON in 2014!

NO MORE MAILED IN SALIVA or BLOOD SAMPLES and wait for weeks or months for results.

7  Major Genetic Predispositions summary listed below accomplished with the “24 DNA – 2 Blood Types Kit.”

  • #1 Your Health or Medicine
  • We have reclassified over 1,000 diseases discovered by the Human Genome Project based on our 24 Master DNA Sequences or “Human Genetic Periodic Table.”

  • #2 Your Intelligence or Education
  • . We have reclassified the 10 Multiple Intelligences discovered based on our Genetic Periodic Table.

  • #3 Your Skills and Talents or Employments
  • . We have reclassified all the Careers and Jobs listed on the US Department of Labor websites based on our Genetic Periodic Table.

  • #4 Your Diet or Nutrition
  • . We have reclassified all legitimate Diets based on our Genetic Periodic Table.

  • #5 Your Mental Health or Psychology
  • . We have reclassified the DSM-IV based on our Genetic Periodic Table.

  • #6 Your Success or Personal and Self-Development
  • . We have reclassified all known “Success or Personal Development System” based on our Genetic Periodic Table.

  • #7 Your Citizenship or Law Enforcement .

    The Potential Nobel Prize Winning Invention Called The “24 DNA – 2 Blood Types Kit” or “24 DNA KIT”

    This kit tests for your;

  • 1.. Master DNA Sequences
  • 2. 2 Blood Types
  • 3. Genetic  Gender as either you are a Female or Male.
  • 4. Epigenetic Codes that determine How your Brain Works
  • 5. Rh+- Factors
  • 6. Secretor, Non-Secretor or Both...

    Why is this test kit a Potential Candidate for a Nobel Prize? Why would you or anyone else NEED this Patented 24 DNA-2 Blood Types Kit?

1. It has Resolved the Double Helix DNA Structure mystery that Nobel Prize recipients James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins and others have worked to resolve. Test results from the 24 DNA-2 Blood Types Kit have resulted in discovering why a 3′-5′ Maternal Genetic Strand and 5′-3′ Paternal Prime Genetic Strand determine gender and that all diseases are gender driven.

2. Use of the Kit has discovered that the formation, development and components of the Brain and Body relate to DNA sequence and whether an individual thinks with the Right, Left, or both Hemispheres of the Brain, the Body, or both. This RESOLVES a 200 Year Old Mystery that Rene Descartes wanted to determine: “Is the MIND the BODY, Is the BODY the MIND or Is it Both?” Many misunderstood mental conditions, including ADD, Depression, Schizophrenia and Parkinson’s, to list a few, are now More Clearly Understood because of this test.

3. This Kit confirms Dr. Yamamoto and his colleague’s discovery that DNA and Blood Type are the SAME except that DNA is at the Molecular Level and Blood Type is at the Cellular Level. It also relates this discovery to the Brain, the Body and predisposition to various diseases.

4. Results using this kit also SOLVE confusions in the testing of body fluids to determine if an individual is a Secretor (who is resistant to getting the flu and colds), a Non-secretor (who is predisposed to many types of cancer), or combination of both.

7 MAJOR GENETIC PREDISPOSITIONS and GLOBAL MARKETS that will BENEFIT by USE of this “24 DNA-2 BLOOD TYPES KIT.” People in the following 7 markets used the Master DNA Sequence result to discover what they are looking for… :

1. MEDICINE or MEDIGENOMICS – The Science Of Applying The Human Genetic Blueprint To Treatments Of ALL Known Diseases.

Press Release: “All Forms of Cancer from Breast to Ovarian, in Addition to Other Known Diseases Can Now be Determined by a Simple Self-Administered Test.” - http://www.pr.com/press-release/511392

If you know anyone who is sick or has died from Breast, Ovarian, Prostate or any Other Form of Cancer; your contribution will not only honor the memory of loved ones but also help bring relief to those still suffering with these gender driven forms of cancer.

This Kit helps determine if the origin of a disease exists within the Mind, Body or Both based on DNA and Genetics.

2. EDUCATION Or EDUGENOMICS – The Science of Pursuing Any Type Of Education Based On Genetic Blueprint.

Press Release: “A Simple Self Administered Test Can Now Help Determine Learning Style Preferences Along With More Personalized and Effective Types of Education to Use.” -http://www.pr.com/press-release/512282

Anyone who dislikes or has difficulty learning, fails to pass tests or has even dropped out of school, college or other educational programs can benefit from this blood test.

Education has often ignored different types of intelligence and styles of learning. Results from this blood test can help determine which of the 10 multiple intelligence is being predominantly used by an individual and where each type of intelligence is located in the mind, body or both. The Test Kit also Helps establish the natural predisposition and correct style of education to utilize from one individual to the next.

3. EMPLOYMENT Or EMPLOGENOMICS – The Science Of Finding A Career, Job or Employment Based On Your Genetic Blueprint.

Press Release: “Employment, Career and Job Search Efforts Can Now be Enhanced by a Simple Self Administered DNA Test Kit Invented by 24 DNA Company.” – “http://www.pr.com/press-release/514123“>

Anyone who is unemployed, dissatisfied with an unfulfilled job or career, desires a career that comes natural, or wishes to pursue a personal passion without a clear definition of that that passion is can benefit by this technology.
3. Do you know anyone who wants to pursue their passion but don’t know what it is?

Employment or Career and Job searches have often been based on Past Experience, Education, Training and On-line Assessments to test for Dominant Skills and Abilities; or Employers have Hired and put individuals on “Probation” for various lengths of time and studied where they seem to perform best prior to Promotion. With the use of this kit, it has been discovered that there is a predisposition to different skills and talents directly related to blood type and DNA sequence. This can augment the above methods currently used to determining where an individual will excel based on their natural predisposed Skills and Talents in a more rapid manner.

4. NUTRITION [DNA Diets] or NUTRIGENOMICS – The Science Of Nutrition Based On Your Genetic Blueprint.

Press Release: “Predisposition to Weight Gain or Obesity Can Now be Determined by a Simple Self Administered DNA Test” -http://www.pr.com/press-release/514125

Anyone who is overweight, dieting, anorexic, or health conscious will find the following information to be of interest.

The DNA Diet: Current challenge of OBESITY are due to people NOT EATING according to DNA and Genetic Blueprint needs. Different blood types and DNA require different diets. The wrong genetic diet creates wrong results.

5. PERSONAL or SELF-DEVELOPMENT or SUCCESSGENOMICS – The Science of Personal Success And Finding A Mate Based On Your Genetic Blueprint.

Press Release: “A Simple Self Administered DNA Test Invented by 24 DNA Company Makes Pursuing Success Based on “Luck,” “Mysticism,” and “Trial And Error” Obsolete” – “”http://www.pr.com/press-release/514134

Personal Self-Development and Success includes being your BEST while finding Contentment and Fulfillment in achieving whatever you want to do in life; from finding the right mate, being a Homemaker, pursuing a Hobby, a Career or becoming a Financial Success. DNA plays a major role in determining what you naturally excel at. Interesting enough, there are a dozen different DNA based Genetic Success Formula that relate to the Meyers-Briggs Psychological Profiles, Chinese Calender, as well as the Eastern and Western Zodiac Signs. The validity of these subjects now has an internal genetic explanation.

NOW, there is a DNA Test Kit and technology that will help determine the Right Success Formula based on your Genetic Blueprint.

6. MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENT Or PSYCHOGENOMICS – The Science Of Mental Health Treatments Based On The Human Genetic Blueprint.

Press Release:”Predispositions to Specific Mental Challenge or Disorder Can Now be Determined by a Simple Self-Administered DNA Test Invented by 24 DNA Company,” .http://goo.gl/8vLYc2

Those Treating and Those Suffering From: depression, Post Traumatic Stress, Addiction, and other Mental Disorders can now benefit from Genetic Blueprint Technology. The 24 DNA-2 Blood Types Kit technology can help Mental Health Professionals apply genetic information to their practices.

7. LAW ENFORCEMENT Or LAW ENFOGENOMICS – The Science of Enforcing Laws Based On The Human Genetic Blueprints.

Press Release:” How We Tell a Lie or Tell the Truth Can Now be Determined by a Simple Self-Administered DNA Test Invented by 24 DNA Company,” http://goo.gl/rk1Ow9

One of the biggest challenges for Law Enforcement Officers during interrogation of a suspect is knowing when the truth or a lie is being told. Another challenge is knowing in advance who is predisposed to committing specific crimes. DNA and GENETIC information based on Blood Type can assist in determining predisposition to different types of crime. Individuals with different types of DNA respond differently to Telling the Truth and Telling a Lie. So Genetic information makes it easier for Officers to know if a suspect is telling the truth. Also, this same technology assist Officers in locating suspects.


 The ’24 DNA-2 Blood Type Kits’

1. Grouping Card – 2412 (12 Antibodies or Circles – 6 Symmetry and 6 Supersymmetry)
2. 2 Lancet
3. 1 Pipette
4. 1 Instruction Brochure
5. 2 Cotton Ball
6. 2 Wipe
7. 12 Blood Sticks

THANK you very much in advance for visiting and making this Global Gift of the Nobel Prize potential invention “24 DNA-2 Blood Types Kit” a reality for 7 billion people on this planet who NEEDED this product to enhance their lives by sharing this with your friends and colleagues. Contact us if you are interested in being part of our Team.

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